Dublin CBD a company that changed the vaping industry in Ireland

The most important advantage of “vapor”, is the minimal damage to the health of the smoker. If you compare classic cigarettes with this device, then the toxicity of the habitual all tobacco smoking is at an exceedingly high level. The smoker is literally poisoning his body with toxic elements that stand out in the process of burning. Using a vaporizer, your airways and lungs will remain clean, as they will not be affected by toxic by-products.

A girl with a wipe Many will agree that smoking cigarettes are not only a harmful occupation, but also not effective. As soon as a person brings a lighter to light, about 30% of active substances burn in the cigarette. Such an effect is absent in vaporization. In this regard, you can bring interesting statistics. For example, in 2001, laboratory comparisons were made between a vaporizer and a conventional cigarette. So, the steam obtained from “vape” contains 94% of active substance and consists of only 4 components. The tobacco smoke of a conventional cigarette contains more than 100 harmful components, and the active substances are only 11%. As you can see, the difference is enormous. For in-depth information visit dublincbd.com – Vape E-liquids

Moreover, using convection or beam “vamps”, you no longer need to carry matches and lighters. It’s incredibly convenient. It’s enough just to bring the device to your lips and tighten up properly.

To date, there are more than a dozen portable vaporizers with an interesting design. Using this device for smoking, you will emphasize your own style and surprise your friends.

You can also say goodbye to the yellow teeth. Yes, now your smile will be dazzling. As many know, classical smoking rewards teeth with a yellow tint, this can not be avoided. Smoking with an evaporator will help to avoid this problem.

In fact, using “wap” has many advantages, we have chosen only the main ones, so that you can characterize for yourself the whole charm of this device.

cleaning Do not think that it is very difficult to care for an electronic device. Here it is not necessary to carry out complex manipulations with winding wires, as in modern methods. All you need to do in order to maintain the vaporizer in working order is to clean it regularly. It is desirable to wipe it periodically with alcohol. This refers to the conduction “wap”. If we are talking about electronic-portable devices, then they sell special cleaning tablets.

Among the smokers, there are myths about vaporizers, which you should not believe because they are absurd. One of them says that the effect of cigarettes is several times better than that of “wap”. More often it is said by those people who in their lives did not smoke with the help of electronic devices. Undoubtedly, the effect is completely different, if you smoke through the evaporator, the smoke is completely absent. However, along with it, there are also more than 96 toxic substances. Agree, this is a strong enough argument to stop smoking classic cigarettes right now, and switch to a vaporizer.