Understanding Life Coaching

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It is estimated that there are over 53,000 coaching practitioners worldwide. This is according to the International Coach Federation. Becoming a life coach is a decision that one needs to make with lots of considerations.

This business decision is more than just listening, being compassionate and exercising empathy. The following steps need to be pursued in order for one to become a life coach:

1. What Life Coaching Is
A life coach helps clients to achieve growth and development in their lives. He or she is able to help clients identify areas that they need to grow. A plan is then developed on how a client can be able to attain set goals.

You need to understand what the role of a life coach is. This will enable you to understand the role that you need to play. You need to be able to distinguish yourself from mentors, consultants and therapists.

2. Find Your Niche
Specialising in a niche is very important. As a life coach, you need to find a niche that you are comfortable with. This niche becomes your focus area. You may decide to venture into personal, professional, health, spiritual or romantic lives of people.

You may be forced to touch on other niches during practice. This is because of overlaps that exist in the lives of clients. Having a specific niche makes it easier for you to market yourself.

3. Getting Certified
Certification ensures that you are bound by ethical standards. You may undergo training from professionals on how to go about coaching. Such courses need to be aligned with your coaching goals.

You should ensure that you apply to get certified by a credible association. Such an association should have set standards within the industry in regards to life coaching.

4. Setting Up The Business
Life coaching isn’t just a profession, it is a business. Due diligence has to be carried out in order for you to be successful – see the full guide at Life Coach Belfast.

You will need to find out what type of business entity you want to register. This can either be a sole proprietorship, a corporation or an LLC. Due process has to be followed during business registration.

Business and marketing plans also need to be drafted. A business plan should include your startup and overhead costs. A marketing plan, on the other hand, is critical for business growth. This plan encompasses the strategies that will be implemented to attract clients. For instance, setting up a website where you can give free webinars can enable clients to find and contact you.

5. Creating A Brand
If you are thinking about going for an all-digital entity, your online presence is paramount. The videos and photos that you upload on your platform need to be of the highest quality. A decent camera would do this job just fine.

A strong online brand will be able to channel more clients to you. Different fonts and colours can be used to deliver this. Search engine optimization can also be implemented for better results and growth.

6. How To Package Your Services
You should now come up with different packages that suit the needs of your clients. These packages can focus on specific goals that need to be attained and the levels of service required. Clarity of goals needs to be a priority here. This ensures that a client is satisfied with your services.

Packaging can also include the time spent with a client. Different sessions can vary in accordance with duration. You can have a 30-minute, 50-minute or a 90-minute session. These sessions will vary in relation to pricing.

The following steps can be implemented to become a life coach. Coaching can be both rewarding and fulfilling for you. Watching your clients achieve their set goals with your help can be motivating. You should ensure that you focus on the delivery of quality services for better growth of your business.

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